Welcome to my “My Never Ending Sim” site, a site devoted to the home build of my Boeing 737-800 simulator. Yes, at times it feels like this project will never end, but it’s all about the journey AND the destination in this hobby so I hope you will join me as I share my build progress toward a fully functional, immersive simulator with you.

By the way, I wasn’t originally going to create a site for my sim build progress like so many others who are much better at this than me have.  I mean, given how many different ways there are to build a sim and how many “experts” there are out there, why do we need ANOTHER builder site?  I’m by no means an expert so who am I to give advice?  Besides, most of what I was using to build my sim was pre-made parts so what’s special about that, right?

But after I recently started building some components myself to save some money and posted my progress I guess some folks were interested in how I did it.  They wanted more pictures, wiring diagrams, and so forth.  So I sent some things out and then thought, wouldn’t it be much better to just post them in one place?  Ding, ding.

Everyone has cool and unique ways they overcame difficulties during their build, and it never hurts to have more ideas.  That’s the great thing about this hobby.  Every build really is unique and presents its own challenges.

One thing I want to be clear about is that this is NOT a solo hobby, or I should say it’s VERY difficult to do this alone.  Nor is it for the faint of heart.  It is a MAJOR time investment, a money drain, and can seriously stress relationships (you think I jest?)!  So be sure you’re truly prepared (and prepare others) before you take the dive!

My best advice would be to make friends who share your passion, be courteous and appreciative to those who share their experiences (they don’t have to, after all), credit those who help you along the way (don’t forget to ask for their permission if you pass on information they gave you), and share the knowledge you gain with others so we can advance this hobby and our enjoyment of “living the dream” only a select few are fortunate to do for a living.

That said, I present to you My Never Ending Sim site.  It’s a work in progress and it’s just getting started (Nov 2017) so stay tuned for more good stuff to come!


Progress Update – March 14, 2018

So, I have been talking a lot about Sismo, for better or worse, over these last updates.  I had some pretty strong frustration initially, but now that Prosim v2.0 has come out, a lot of headaches are behind me, thankfully.  This has allowed me to get back to building! I have made a lot of …

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Sismo Configuration with Prosim v2.0

Strangely all my articles to date have been Sismo-related.  I think it’s because it has been the biggest challenge thus far to get working.  Very frustrating at first but the more I come to understand how their products work, the easier it gets, just like most things. Since the release of Prosim v2.0 the Sismo …

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Sismo GIC v4

The Sismo GIC, ISDU, and Finally Getting it All to Work (Not Quite Perfect but Close)

I received my Sismo GIC v4 expansion board (daughter card) today.  So I was finally able to connect the remainder of the Sismo IRS Display Unit (ISDU) that I received per my previous posting. Physical Configuration The GIC is just a simple Printed Circuit Board expansion board with connectors attached to it.  It daisy chains …

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Getting to Know the Sismo IRS Display Unit (ISDU)

Here’s what you need to know about the Sismo IRS Display Unit (ISDU) if you decide to buy it as a stand-alone component for your Boeing 737 AFT Overhead. The Sismo ISDU consists of three separate modules:  Keypad module, Rotary Encoder module, and 7 Segment Display module.  It’s pretty easy to see the different modules …

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