Here is the hardware and software I’m currently running on my sim.  I intentionally keep it as simple as I can for performance and stability, as well as ease of rebuilding if I need to.

For now, I am flying only the state of Texas since I’m familiar with the area and don’t need a lot of scenery while I test.

Main Flight Sim/Visuals PC

  • Intel 7700K CPU overclocked to 4.7 GHz
  • Corsair H110i water cooler
  • 16 GB PC 2400 Memory
  • Samsung 960 Pro M.2 SSD (500 GB)
  • PNY Nvidia GTX 980ti (looking to upgrade to EVGA GTX 1080ti when the time comes)
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Professional
  • Lockheed Martin Prepar3d 4.1
  • ProSim737 Server
  • MegaScenery Earth Texas v3 Photoreal Scenery (I enable others as needed)
  • Black Marble for Night Lighting
  • ImagineSim KAUS

Avionics PC

  • Microsoft Windows 10 Professional
  • ProSim 737 Main Instrument Panel Display Modules

Master Controller PC

  • Microsoft Windows 10 Professional
  • ProSim 737 Overhead and Pedestal Modules